Multiple Listing Service

SAAR provides MLS services through the Paragon product. Paragon 5 is:

Compatible with industry’s most popular browsers

Wizards for contacts, CMAs, User Preferences
Updated user interface
Easy-to-use dashboard widgets
Intuitive navigation and workflow
Exclusive Community Reports (Neighborhood & School)
Client Connect advances the Agent to Client relationship
Agent/Client hit counts to see popularity
Accessible with both PC and MAC
Inline Auto Complete
Multi-tasking capabilities


Paragon 5 Overview/Help

Paragon 5 Webinar Training

Paragon 5 Recorded Webinars


Tips and Tricks

Using the MY INFO tab

Setting an appointment with ShowingAssist

Labeling/Adding Descriptions to Photos

Clearing Browser Cache

Customizing Your Search Screen

Client Connect Preferences Wizard

Client Connect Consumer Site


MLS Fines

Click here for the list of fines for the MLS